Welcome to Tosnú Restaurant!

Welcome to Tosnú RestaurantSo, we have finally gone and built a website for our restaurant. We have painstakingly built it ourselves with out any programmers or website builders simply because we can not afford it as of yet.

So take a look around. Let us know what you think, the design and layout and more importantly let us know if you find any mistakes (we are sure there are many.)

We will up date this site as regularly as we can. We will change the menu when it changes, write posts about up-coming events and changes to our restaurant. We will also soon introduce a newsletter for people to sign up which we hope to use and keep people informed about what is happening at Tosnú Restaurant.

We also want to start at some point adding our recipes and regular food talk so keep checking back on our new site to see what is happening.

Cheers, Tosnú Staff